Best Pocket Knife Can Opener

May 15, 2014

 How many times have you been looking for a can opener in your kitchen drawers and cupboards only to realize that you need a new one?  Or have you ever been camping with packets of canned food but without an opener?   Or imagine being lost in the wilderness with food in your rucksack but without an opener.   I am sure everyone has for at least once had a similar experience.  This is exactly when a pocket knife with a can opener comes handy.  There are many models of pocket knives with can openers but some are said to be awkward for use as they either are not sharp enough or not fit for the can.  If you want a new pocket knife with additional tools so you can have one knife for multiple purposes,  how do you choose the best one? 

  History Of a Can Opener

Swiss Army knives - can openers

 Canned food was  consumed and sold to British navy by 1818 when Peter Durand,   the British merchant sold his patent for canned food to two businessmen who then set up a canning facility.  During this time Durand also sold his patent in the United States where other talented inventors had already made attempts to produce canned food.   Millions of cans were distributed during the Civil War to soldiers on the frontline and the problem to open those remained.   Soldiers used their bayonets or knives,  sometimes even guns to open cans.  Then in 1870 William Lyman,   an American inventor made what we have since known as can opener.

 The Best Brands

Most models of pocket knives come with an additional can opener although some owners say they  never use those.  It certainly may take some time for you to practice fast can opening without spilling the contents or hurting yourself.  If you frequently travel,  go camping or live a hectic lifestyle or simply like canned food at home,   consider buying a pocket knife with an opener.  How do you choose the best one that you can use easily?  Below are some of the most popular pocket knife can openers on the market

  Swiss Army Pocket Knives – most models have a can opener together with other additional tools.  This brand of pocket knives are known for their strength and durability which is also the case with their can openers.  They are said to be good quality and sharp,  so good that people even  use them for other purposes than for opening cans.    You can keep it in your pocket or have one in the kitchen.  Either way you will be satisfied with the choice.  Perhaps the secret is in the SAK design because people that have several pocket knives use only this can opener.

Leatherman Wingman Multi-Tool

  Leatherman Wingman Multi-Tool – this multi-tool pocket knife comes with many additional devices including a superb quality can opener.  It is often compared to Swiss Army Pocket Knives when it comes to quality.  The Leatherman can opener is very sharp and pointy so that some use it for opening boxes. 

 Wihen opening cans with a best pocket knife opener one has to be patient and careful,  it usually takes two cans to open to be a pro.  In case you think you do not need a can opener on your pocket knife,  think twice.  You never need it until you do.